Trauma and Loss

Loss is part of life for all of us whether it be the loss of a loved one, a relationship, a job, our youth and or physical health none of us can escape it. Trauma too is a common experience that millions of people suffer each year. This can be the result of traumatic injury or illness or war or it may be associated with violence at home or observing violence. Some of the most destructive forms of trauma involve prolonged physical, sexual or mental abuse. Mental abuse that involves years of criticism for not being good enough or for some other reason can lead to serious emotional issues that involve the abused individual doing to themselves what was done to them.

This re-creation of the trauma is very difficult to stop because it becomes a way of life and part of the person’s identity. Being abandoned emotionally by an uncaring caretaker can be even more traumatic than being physically abandoned. Prolonged emotional neglect and abandonment can lead to brain changes that the reduce ones ability to tolerate normal everyday stress and are often associated with poor personal relationships and scathing self hatred that may lead to a cycle of hating others and then hating oneself. Fortunately, addressing this from a psychological standpoint can actually create new brain connections that will support a new and more positive outlook about oneself and others that translates into real world benefits.

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