Marriage Counseling Therapy

A rocky marriage filled with dramatic emotional ups and downs, or one that is slowly and silently draining the vitality from your life and that of your relationship, or some combination of the two, is cause for some of the most serious stress imaginable.

Marriage problems that end in divorce are associated with the highest level of stress a person can ever experience, just behind that of the death of a spouse. The fact is that couples marrying today have a 50% chance of getting divorced. The demise of a marriage can do lasting damage to spouses, children, family, health, and finances. And trading one’s spouse in on a “newer model” is often not much help either since research suggests that second marriages have a higher rate of divorce than first marriages.

Seemingly intractable problems like poor communication, infidelity, financial conflicts, substance abuse, anger issues, differences in child rearing styles, sexual difficulties all can lead to the loosening of the marital bond.

Solution? If you have even a partially willing spouse, try to work it out. The fact remains, we are attracted to each other based on conscious, but more importantly unconscious wishes, desires and expectations. This is why we tend to repeat the bad marriage or relationship cycle even though we initially believe the new prospect is “different”. The internal models that dictate unhealthy relationships (and healthy ones), once identified by an experienced therapist, can be changed. So too can dysfunctional conscious behavior and communication styles. Even though it is most ideal when both couples are committed to making changes in the marriage, significant change can be made individually as well.

One goal of effective marital counseling is to bring life to the embers of love that were once was a roaring fire. This achieved by the hands of an experienced therapist who can help with the pitfalls of marital symptoms by interpreting their underlying meaning and purpose while offering more appropriate coping and communication styles thus setting the stage for an infinitely happier and more regulated relationship.

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