Anxiety Therapy

For some people what best describes their relationship with the world, themselves and others, is one of anxiety. Typically, such individuals have no idea of what they are anxious about and except to describe their daily life as being enveloped in a state of global “free-floating” anxiety. This state is frequently described as the experience of being “nervous” all of the time.

Individuals with generalized anxiety frequently may have unconscious fears that they will, in some way, do something to compromise their moral or ethical standards. Others fear the loss of someone important to them and still others have concerns about losing their sanity.

Such individuals have failed to develop sufficient coping mechanisms to deal with these anxieties and since most of the time they are only aware of the anxiety, they have no place to begin looking. This is especially the case for those whose have no current major stressors in their life. This sense of being in constant danger from unknown forces or the experience that their loved ones are similarly unsafe takes a serious toll on one’s sense of personal emotional well-being as well as ones, relational and physical health.

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