Self-Destructive Behavior

If you’ve made resolutions, bought self-help books, or experienced success only to find that you repeatedly end up in a bad relationship, financial problems, or just plain unhappy and isolated; it may be something you are doing but not aware of it. Focusing on unconscious patterns of destructive behavior can turn years of destructive behavior into positive changes.

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Dizziness, dry mouth, shortness of breath, racing heartbeat, intrusive, negative, recurrent thoughts are often signs of anxiety. Anxiety can also lead to headaches, insomnia, digestive problems. Anxiety is at the root of many mental health conditions, including phobias, panic attacks, depression and obsessive/compulsive behavior. In daily life, anxiety can often become overwhelming or even debilitating, interfering with sleep, work, school, family and relationships.

Anxiety is one of the most common reasons people seek therapy. The good news is that anxiety can be effectively treated. By focusing on the underlying issues that cause the anxiety in the first place, we will begin to set the stage for regaining a sense of control in your life and experiencing dramatic relief.

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Relationship Conflicts

Relationship issues frequently involve each partner acting out each others’ early dysfunctional communication styles. Couples intervention can teach couples how to discern and untangle the circular web and conflict that creates misery, misunderstanding and chaos in relationships.

With the proper approach to conflict resolution, improvement within the home and at work is often rapid and dramatic.

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Depression is the number one treatable mental health condition in the United States today.

Symptoms can range from lack of concentration, limited or excessive eating, forgetfulness, fatigue, back pain, quick to anger, sadness, and inability to work.

By placing special emphasis and focus on the causes of depression, not just the symptoms, individuals experience a reduction in their symptoms that last. This is usually done without medication.

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A personal experience or observation of a situation that involves actual physical injury, or threat of serious injury, accompanied by intense fear, helplessness, or horror is traumatic.

Traumatic reactions are associated with observation of violence or carnage; being the subject of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, as well as having experienced a traumatic accident or natural disaster. Such experiences may be deeply debilitating emotionally, even though it may appear to others that you are doing fine. Individuals experience trauma require sensitive and supportive intervention to avoid the potential of life-long repetitions of their pain.

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Mourning and Bereavement

Parents who have lost their children or other significant persons through divorce, illness, conflicts because of custody disputes or other life circumstances have found significant relief and renewed inspiration through appropriate intervention and support either through individual or group counseling.

Stress Prevention & Alleviation

Daily emotional stress takes a tremendous toll on people worldwide. It interferes with work, love, and relationships.

Stress causes and contributes to a number of debilitating physical conditions, including cardiovascular problems, back pain, stomach upset, hypertension, and headaches, to name a few. Research has shown that stress even contributes to susceptibility to the common cold.

Organization of one’s life to reduce stress can make a healthy difference.

Studies also indicate that individuals who receive counseling have fewer days off the job and are more productive at work. Talking about one’s stress in the proper context has been shown to reduce or eliminate many physical ailments, freeing individuals to enjoy life and relationships more fully.

Career Consultation / Employment Related Difficulties

Very few choices in life will have a greater impact on your future and your life style than your career choices. Often, an employee’s performance on the job is a reflection of their personal life. Work related problems such as absenteeism, lack of motivation, and negativity can be eliminated by offering employees a place to work out personal issues before they escalate into serious work related difficulties.

Whether you are experiencing career dissatisfaction, looking for work, thinking of changing jobs, or feeling you are in the wrong industry entirely, career counseling can help give you insight into your particular circumstance and how to create a successful outcome. Dr. Hands offers counseling services geared to facilitate employment transitions or resolutions.

Critical Incident Debriefing

Employees who have been exposed to a traumatic incident may commonly experience insomnia, nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, and a desire to avoid the place where it occurred.

Group discussions, led by a trained professional, have been shown to lessen the impact of the tragedy and allow employees to normalize their feelings and get on with their lives.

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